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Drive Straight to a High-Paying, Tech-Powered Career

Today’s automotive and vehicle technicians do more than adjust timing belts and rotate tires — they need technical expertise and expansive materials knowledge to service a car’s, truck’s or boat’s various computer-based systems.

If you aspire to do more than driveway tinkering, put the pedal to the metal — and take the highway directly to your dream career at a local Western New York (WNY) Works college.

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Automotive Careers at a Glance

U.S. News & World Report ranks Alfred State No. 5 in the U.S. and No. 1 in NY for automotive service technician training.

Growth through 2030 for motor vehicle and parts dealers in Western New York.

New York Department of Labor

Lifetime return on investment (ROI) for automotive-related associate degrees from WNY Works colleges.

The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity

How Do I Become a…?

From the high-powered electric vehicle (EV) market to more sensors, safety systems and lighter materials used for passenger cars, today’s mechanic needs the know-how to fix any issue — from a malfunctioning backup camera to a dented aluminum side panel.

Short-term training and associate degree programs at your local WNY Works college introduce you to current repair procedures, equipping you for careers in collision and restoration at the region’s hundreds of dealerships and auto body shops. Here’s what you could do:

Auto Body Repair Technician

Related job titles: Automotive detailing specialist, automotive diagnostic specialist, collision repair technician, field service technician, paintless dent repair specialist

Salary range, NY: $36,853–$60,220*
*New York Department of Labor

Participating Colleges and Programs

Automotive Technician Specialist or Mechanic

Related job titles: Automotive diagnostic specialist, automatic transmission technician, brake specialist, drivability specialist, field service technician, fuel system specialist, wheel alignment specialist

Salary range, NY: $34,105–$57,121*
*New York Department of Labor

A male student in a ball cap stands to work underneath a car positioned on a lift in a class for an automotive career training program at a Western New York Works college

Participating Colleges and Programs

Heavy Equipment, Truck and Diesel Technician/Diesel Mechanic

Related job titles: Marine diesel mechanic, mobile heavy equipment mechanic, bus mechanic

Salary range, NY: $42,649–$63,615*
*New York Department of Labor

Four male students and an instructor holding a laptop explore the components of an engine in a class for a heavy equipment/diesel mechanic career training program at a Western New York Works college

Participating Colleges and Programs

Motorsports Service Technician

Related job titles: Race technician

Salary range, NY: $43,791–$60,025*

A student wearing safety glasses leans against a sport bike in a motorsports service technician class at a Western New York Works college.

Participating Colleges and Programs

Students learn to make vehicles as good as new in hands-on environments where they practice spot, collision and rust repair, frame straightening and auto painting.

Students in a Western New York Works automotive career training program learn to operate an auto body shop.
A group of five Western New York Works students stand in front of a tow truck they repaired for an automotive competition.

WNY Works students prove their stuff — and leave everyone else in the dust — at competitions like the Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen, land speed record racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats, the ELK (Everyone Loves Kids) Charity Challenge and The Great Race.